The Constitution is an important document which recognizes our natural rights as human beings. It was drafted in 1787, and finally ratified in 1788 after the state of New Hampshire approved it as the ninth colony. Today, our culture is completely lacking any understanding of the principles within the Constitution and why it exists. The youth of our nation have not been taught the ability to rationalize and reason with one another. Therefore, an environment of intolerance toward any viewpoint that does not fall in line with the totalitarian ideology that they have been taught by our education system has been allowed to thrive.

We can correct this, first, by sharing the knowledge of the principles of liberty with those who are willing to listen; this group comprises a much larger number than you may believe. Sharing that knowledge is the impetus behind this written piece. 

Joseph Story, known as one of the “Fathers of American Jurisprudence,” in his Commentary on the Constitution states,  “The electors are to be the body of the people of the United States, jealous of their rights, and accustomed to the exercise of their power.” (Page 456, paragraph 664)

We are the electors. We, through our forefathers, have consented to a constitutional republic which exists to uphold our natural rights as human beings. Unfortunately, we have not been jealous of our rights. During the time Joseph Story wrote and published his commentaries, there was still a positive and jealous sentiment of natural rights, albeit they were waning even at that time. If you were to take time to read through Story’s commentaries, you will find that he mentions multiple times that the people of the United States would never allow the national (federal) government to become too powerful; there would immediately be a check on any of the three branches if they were to reach beyond their constitutional powers. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case today, or else we would be in a much better state of affairs.

Americans are also no longer “accustomed to the exercise of their power,” meaning that we no longer understand the proper duties and operations of our government, neither federal or state. 

The Federalist Papers were written in actual papers in 1788 (they were later put into book form) for the purpose of explaining to the layman the intent and spirit of the Constitution that the framers of that document had just ratified. Founders James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton authored the papers. They explained in detail why the constitution was ratified, what its proper functions are, to whom it is responsible, and how far its reach should go. Fast forward 234 years, and our culture is not interested in reading them, let alone understanding them. The youth of today have been taught that we have civil rights (many of which are called “implied” rights, but more on that in a different write-up), which include supposed rights that are not even rights in any way, like abortion. The functions of government today have become “…a mere thing of wax…” as Jefferson put it, specifically speaking about the Judicial branch. 

Our branches of government have entirely lost sight of their proper function and have left the electors in a bad way. This is almost completely due to our negligence as electors, but also results from a lack of civics education in our schools. We the people feel hopeless, because we have allowed power to be ceded to unelected bureaucracies. Congress has the power of the purse, and they gave approval to arbitrarily created departments to use our taxes in whatever manner they want. That is just the tip of the iceberg. To add insult to injury, the education system has been completely taken over by people who espouse radical totalitarian ideology, such as gender confusion, racism that somehow only exists among white people, and Godlessness, thereby subjecting young students to teachings that are contrary to piety, morality, and virtue. 

To sum it up, we have allowed a nation of tyrants to flourish, breeding future oppressors who believe they are inherently victims of a racist and bigoted society who never wanted them to be free. That entire view could not be further from the truth. This is what happens when fear is allowed to enter the mind and heart. Fear drives people to do irrational and unspeakable things, and results in the removal of logic and reason from the mind. As a former New Hampshire legislator, I had the opportunity for four years to see this kind of ideology first hand when I was a member of the House Education Committee. Things have only gotten worse.

I aim, through The Patriot Initiative, to educate and empower the next generation of statesmen. I believe it is crucial for us to teach not just the next generation, but existing generations, how America made it this far and how we can preserve liberty and begin to thrive again.

By explaining and teaching the operations of the constitution and the principles of liberty, I expect that many men and women will be inspired to answer the call to become the statesman they believe they are called to be. I do not accept that we are lost as a nation; I never have or I would not have begun this organization.