About Us

Our culture has been ravaged with lies, deceit, and moral decay. The founding values of America have been forgotten and we have a government that no longer represents us according to the Constitution by which it is bound.

America is looking for leaders, both young and old, to rise to the occasion and take a stand for what is true and just. America needs leaders who will stand tall for liberty and the solid foundation on which this nation was established. The Patriot Initiative was founded for this very purpose.

The government is a reflection of the culture in which it exists. If we restore our culture, we can then restore a constitutional government that is of the people, by the people, for the people, according to its Constitutional intent.

Our Vision

The Patriot Initiative’s vision is to inspire the silent patriots to rise up and restore their culture and government through education, communication, and activation.

Our Mission

The Patriot Initiative will achieve its mission by helping people acquire and apply a fundamental understanding of America’s founding heritage, and relate those principles to current issues. TPI will then activate patriots in the political field so that they can become effective leaders representing America’s founding values.

Education. TPI seeks to inform rising patriots of the founding values of America, and to re-examine what the founding fathers did to establish the American republic and the liberties that we enjoy today.

Communication. Through modern mediums of communication, TPI encourages cordial discussions on the cultural topics our nation faces, with a strategy and goal of facilitating a culture shift toward the founding values of America.

Activation. TPI is passionate about inspiring and raising up activists and aspiring public leaders, in order to restore a responsible government, as a result of a restored culture.

Our Core Values

  • We find that faith in God played a pivotal role in the founding of America and the philosophy of the founding fathers.
  • We believe that all public leaders and those involved in public policy should have a firm understanding of the founding values of America and believe in them in order to be effective as a leader and activist.
  • We pledge that communication within TPI will create a culture of professionalism
  • effectiveness and excellence.
  • We firmly support open dialogue from all opinions and perspectives as it is healthy and important to liberty.
  • We believe the citizens must have an understanding of the founding values of America in order to vote for the right candidates into public office who will uphold the Constitution and the values that made America that shining city on a hill.

Our Board


Josh Moore


Josh Moore is a two-term New Hampshire State Representative who has been involved in politics since the election of 2012, winning his first term in 2014. He has served on the house education committee in New Hampshire for four years. Josh has served and continues to serve on multiple committees in town, county, and state wide positions. Josh also has his local TV show called “Walking Tall”, which he has hosted since April 2013. Josh spent much of his time studying the founding documents before running for public office, which became his inspiration for getting involved in ...


Andrew Decker


Andrew Decker is an 18 year old, Liberty advocate and recent graduate of Alvirne High School. Andrew enjoys reading and writing, actively engaging in dialogue, and learning from the perspectives of those he speaks with. His hopes with The Patriot Initiative is to help create a united American citizenry, and to collaborate as patriots to work for an improved nation for all.